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Wuppertal June 15, 2016

Riedel partners with 101 Technology

“We have been impressed with the innovation behind Riedel products, as well as their versatility and intuitive operation,” said Kasemsin Kanchanachayphoom, director at 101 Technology. “Working closely with Riedel to offer integrated solutions featuring the company’s MediorNet real-time media network and Artist digital matrix intercom systems, among others, we can assist our customers in establishing cost-effective, flexible, forward-looking workflows that support current and future technical requirements.”

101 Technology will offer Riedel’s complete product portfolio to its customers in Thailand and take forward Riedel’s philosophy of efficient yet enduring solutions.

“Thailand is among the markets in Southeast Asia with significant potential for growth, and we are confident that our partnership with 101 Technology will drive adoption and enable us to establish a firm footprint in the country,” said Cameron O’Neill, director, Asia-Pacific region, at Riedel Communications.

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