With the introduction of MediorNet more than a decade ago, Riedel has pioneered the distributed approach to video infrastructures by combining signal transport, routing, processing, and conversion in a redundant real-time network. Since then, MediorNet has grown to be the market’s the most versatile and reliable AV networking backbone. To this day, MediorNet remains the only system that offers all the advantages of distributed, software-defined hardware.

MediorNet’s futureproof modular structure and innovative app concept enable it to adapt easily to changes in the market: As the industry’s standards and expectations evolve, MediorNet evolves with them. Riedel’s most recent answer to the challenges arising from the IP transformation is a range of innovative SFP-based technologies to complement MediorNet’s MicroN, MicroN UHD, and Compact intelligent signal interfaces and the MetroN core switch. Boasting the highest density on the market, the processing modules and processing hubs MuoN, FusioN and VirtU round out the Riedel video portfolio with full IP solutions. All these versatile devices can serve a wide range of different functions and applications, but are united by two key qualities that have been at the foundation of our philosophy for media infrastructures for years: They‘re distributed, and they’re software- defined.

Within the extended MediorNet family, you‘ll find all the tools you need for your production – whether it’s SDI-centric, IP-centric, or anything in between. Riedel is just the right partner to guide you through this challenging time, providing you with a perfect transition path from legacy SDI to full IP, at your own pace and within your budget constraints.



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