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Butzbach March 12, 2019

Riedel Networks Ready for Upcoming Summer Games

„Japan is an exceedingly important market for us – not just because of the recent Jefta agreement. Japan and Germany occupy leading positions in the global economy and both countries are renowned for innovation and progress. Whether from the automotive, chemical, or mechanical engineering sectors, our customers rely on fast, stable, and reliable connections to their branches in Tokyo and the Osaka-Kobe area," said Michael Martens, CEO of Riedel Networks. “The same applies for Singapore. Germany is one of Singapore's main trading partners, which is why the city-state is another important hub for us. It is a key strategic position to strengthen our MPLS infrastructure in the APAC region, especially with an eye towards the Summer Games.”

The new locations provide Riedel Networks with access to key cloud systems and to additional network partners for last mile coverage. In addition to greater flexibility, this also results in a greater choice of feeds to improve service reliability at customer locations.

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