Riedel ARTIST delivers consistent reliability for all your intercom requirements. ARTIST lowers the cost of ownership, streamlines workflows, ensures scalability and maintains uptime. Consistently exceeding your expectations.


What is ARTIST?

  • Riedel ARTIST is renowned as the world’s most reliable intercom system, thanks to its numerous redundancy options.
  • Riedel ARTIST intercom system works with the innovative SmartPanels product line, offering user-friendly app-driven interfaces that allow you to adapt the panel’s functions without the need for extra hardware.
  • Riedel ARTIST seamlessly integrates with the award-winning Bolero wireless intercom system, providing the highest flexible and reliable wireless communications in the market.
  • Riedel ARTIST is the only system capable of scaling from 16 to 1024 ports within a compact 2RU form factor, all supported by a scalable and flexible licensing model.


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Where there is an intercom in place, there is no room for failure.


Saving space, weight and power consumption.


Speaking standards with no need for dedicated hardware or licenses.


Fully flexible licensing model from 16 up to 1024 ports.

What Users Say about ARTIST

    What Users Say about ARTIST

    „Managing teams at a major music festival is like conducting a symphony of chaos. With its unparalleled connectivity and clarity, Riedel’s intercom solution is our lifeline in an environment pulsating with noise.“

    Event: Air Beat One

    Lighting Designer –

ARTIST Installations

City Harvest Church

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Miyagi Television

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