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Wuppertal June 27, 2024

Art'istic Production Transforms Live Event Broadcasting With Riedel Communications’ Simplylive Production Suite

"Partnering with Riedel and integrating their Simplylive Production Suite into our workflow has been transformative for Art’istic Production," said Arthur Brousmiche, CEO of Art'istic Production. "The ease of use and flexibility of this system have been game-changing for our team. We’re now able to deliver superior-quality content more efficiently with a leaner team, resulting in significant time and cost savings.”

Recently, Art'istic Production put the Simplylive Production Suite to the test in a French women’s volleyball league match. The software-driven live production platform, which offers a range of features designed to simplify and streamline live production workflows, has proved to be an invaluable tool in capturing the action and delivering a seamless broadcast. Particularly, the system's ability to add high-quality slow motion and graphics from a single user station has been noteworthy for Art'istic Production. The Simplylive Production Suite allows just one user to manage multiple cameras, insert graphics, mix audio, and edit highlights in real time, all from a single touchscreen interface. And because of the platform’s modular design, Art'istic Production can easily scale it up or down depending on the size and complexity of the event.

Art'istic Production has used the Simplylive Production Suite in many other capacities, enhancing its ability to cover live events with unprecedented agility and creativity. The suite's all-in-one capabilities have allowed the company to deploy a flyaway control room setup that is both lightweight and powerful, enabling coverage across various locations in France. This setup includes the use of an external audio mixer, with presets that assist the director in producing the appropriate audio mix for live events, interviews, and clips.

Moreover, the Simplylive Production Suite's intuitive user interface allowed Art'istic Production's staff to adapt to the new system quickly, significantly reducing the training period and enabling a faster transition to live production. The installation process is notably swift; the entire system can be operational within an hour, and dismantling takes only half that time. This efficiency not only speeds up workflows but also translates into substantial cost savings, as fewer personnel are needed on-site for setup and operation.

"This partnership with Art'istic Production highlights the potential for our technology to revolutionize live event broadcasting," said François Sarbinowski, Sales Specialist Live Production at Riedel. "We look forward to continuing our collaboration with their team and to seeing how they use the Simplylive Production Suite in their future projects

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