The Performer Series provides the world’s first digital partyline intercom system, offering 2 and 4-channel master stations, rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop speaker stations as well as call light indicators and 2-channel beltpack headset stations.

In addition to pure partyline applications, the C44plus system interface makes the Performer series the first fully integrated “digital” solution for combined digital matrix and partyline intercom. The Performer product line is completed by the Performer 32 digital intercom matrix/stage management system, which is designed for the requirements of stand-alone broadcast applications, opera houses, and theaters as well as sports and cultural events.

Performer CR-4 / CR-2 Master Station

The Performer master stations CR-4 (4-channel) and CR-2 (2-channel) are the ideal choice for setting up a stand-alone digital partyline system. Depending on the set-up the integrated power supply of the 19”/1RU device can power up to 32 Performer devices per line including beltpacks, split-boxes or desktop speaker stations. Additional power supplies easily expand the possibilities. The clear user interface provides the user with ultimate performance and flexibility. The colour-illuminated buttons are ideal for applications in real-world environments. The remote mic-kill function allows the user to silence any open microphone on the intercom channels. The CR-4/CR-2 features an additional program input that can be mixed individually to each of the intercom channels. Other features include individual listen volume controls for all partylines, Call and GPI, and a stage announce function to use the intercom microphone to talk over the PA system. The CR-4/CR-2 can be operated using a headset or the integrated powerful loudspeaker with a gooseneck microphone.

Performer CD-2 Desktop Speaker / Headset Station

The CD-2 Desktop Speaker/Headset Station provides the same feature set as the CR-2 Master Station except for the internal power supply. This makes the CD-2 ideal either for operation as a desktop speaker station or – in combination with an external power supply – as a 2-channel master station for setting up a stand-alone digital partyline system.

Performer C3 Digital Beltpack / Headset Station

The Performer C3 is an ergonomically shaped, fully digital 2- channel beltpack that includes all the standard features from conventional analog partyline systems including daisy-chaining. The beltpack uses high-quality digital audio for noise-free and hum-free signals. Extensive DSP signal processing provides perfect sidetone-nulling and excellent intelligibility in applications with very high ambient noise levels. The C3 has three XLR connectors, one for headset, one for signal input and one for signal loop through, which can also be used as an additional analog program input.

Operation is extremely convenient. Two large rotary level controls on the top of the C3 adjust the listen volumes for CH-A and CH-B. Pushing on the A or B volume control toggles talk on/off with momentary/latching operation to the respective channel and includes talk LED indication. The C3 is easy to configure and also features a call send button. A bright call light indicates an incoming call to all daisy-chained Performer devices.

Performer C22 System Interface

The Performer C22 system interface converts two two-channel CAT5 matrix ports to two phantom powered digital beltpack lines and vice versa, allowing seamless integration of digital partylines with matrix intercom systems. In addition, it can also be used for any application where you would like to route the audio of digital partyline intercoms via an AES digital audio infrastructure such as MediorNet, Artist or any 3rd party AES audio router solution. The Performer C22 can power daisy-chains of up to nine beltpacks, split-boxes or desktop speaker stations per line.

Performer C31 Split Box

The C31 Split Box splits one signal input on XLR3 onto three XLR3 outputs. The device can be powered by the partyline or with an external power supply for extra long cable runs.

Performer CI31 Call Indicator

The CI31 Call Indicator combines a C31 Split Box with a selectable high volume buzzer and a large flashing lamp to provide visual and/or audible indication of a “call.”

Performer C44plus System Interface

The C44plus System Interface allows for seamless integration of digital partylines in matrix intercom environments. The 19“/1RU unit converts four two-channel CAT5 matrix ports to four phantom powered beltpack lines. The beltpacks are connected to the C44plus via standard 3 pin XLR cables. Up to 16 beltpacks can be daisy chained on each line: one C44plus can power up to 38 beltpacks. For stand-alone operation, the device features an integrated 24x24 port digital intercom matrix, which can be configured via Riedel’s audio assignment software. Pre-programmed configurations can be loaded via the DIP-switches on the front. Full digital interfacing is provided for Artist and Performer 32 matrix systems. Analog 4-wire I/Os and GPIs are provided for interfacing to 3rd party intercom systems.

Performer AAS Audio Assignment Software

The Performer Audio Assignment Software is an intuitive tool for editing the settings of the eight pre-programmed configurations of the Performer C44plus System Interface. This enables the C44plus to serve as the heart of a small stand-alone intercom solution.


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