Maritime Sports

Since the 36th Americas Cup we are a key partner of several high-profile on-water sports, changing and elevating the sports presentation with technology. 

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Waterproof Intercom

As in any other sports communication between the athletes in a team is crucial to winning. However, the extreme conditions of the ocean and especially saltwater don’t allow for the use of traditional Radio and Intercom devices. We have adapted our award-winning Bolero S intercom beltpacks to withstand these tough conditions and allow for crystal clear communication between the athletes on water.  

Sophisticated Wireless networks

When it comes to producing a TV-show around a maritime race like a sailing regatta, getting live Video, Audio and Data from the boats becomes quite a challenge. With our portfolio of long-range Video and IP networks we can connect various boats and other assets like TV-helicopters over long ranges to shore and the broadcast infrastructure and bringing the live action to the fans and viewers. 

From the 36th Americas Cup to SailGP or Big Wave Surfing in Nazaré, besides taking place on the ocean these sports have in common to rely on Riedel Managed Technology. Our dedicated technology portfolio for Maritime sports consists of High-End Intercom systems, broadcast PTZ and miniature cameras, Video networks and long-range Video, Audio & IP networks and several sensors – all waterproofed and proven at several high-end broadcast productions. 

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