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Wuppertal April 11, 2024

NEP/Bexel’s Pairing of Riedel’s Award-Winning Intercom Solution and ‘Love Island USA’ Is a Match Made in Heaven

“Communications on these shows is very Important. The workflow is dynamic and changes constantly. Over the years we have been faced with a variety of challenges presented by the locations that were chosen. Riedel has been the backbone of our communications plan, tying our various communications’ systems together. It is an integral part of our producer audio monitoring as well,” said Rod Allen, Technical Supervisor and Technical Project Manager for the show.

“Love Island” has ventured to diverse and challenging locations, including Fiji; Las Vegas; Hilo, Hawaii; and Santa Barbara, California, each presenting its own unique communication obstacles. At times the control room and sets were 100 miles apart.

Allen continued, “The Riedel architecture allowed us to communicate effectively and reliably using leased fiber circuits as well as public internet . Today, Artist and Bolero seamlessly integrate with the Unity IP communications system, two-way radio systems, IFB in-ear monitoring systems, on-set speaker systems, and the Dante audio network, creating a comprehensive and unified communication solution. The shift from AES3 to AES67 technology, coupled with Bolero’s six full-duplex keys, has further elevated the efficiency and functionality of the team’s communication network.”

“We’ve enjoyed helping Rod and the ‘Love Island’ team face each of their challenges head-on — with the pandemic, with distance, and with changing locations. It’s been a pleasure to watch the system grow and see how this show becomes ever more capable of continuing in an efficient manner with great communication,” said Patti Gunnell, Vice President, Key Accounts – West at Riedel. “We love providing them with the tools they need to bring the directors’ visions to life efficiently.”


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