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We can offer a broad range of services to you comprising of all the Riedel products and 3rd party extensions. While we are happy to deliver parts of it, the magic lies within the combination of them – truly unlocking the technological and economical synergies! 



We help racing teams and organizers succeed with dedicated motorsport solutions, prioritizing clear communication and reliable networks.


Since the 36th Americas Cup we are a key partner of several high-profile on-water sports, changing and elevating the sports presentation with technology.


From music festivals over political summits to large scale multi sports events, our solutions for Global Events enable you to deliver a successful event.

Global Events

(Wireless) Intercom & Radio Networks

    In combining a broad range of Radio systems with our Riedel (Wireless) Intercom systems we can deliver you, your event or your team with the Communication setup that makes the difference. Our solutions are all remote-ready, allowing for the seamless integration of remote staff into your communication circles and can be inter-connected with various other stakeholders like OB-trucks. 

Additional Services

Data, Intercom, Video, Audio Backbone Networks

Today’s high-end events share the need for ultra-high bandwidth network backbones for Data, Intercom, Video and Audio networks. With our solution for such backbones, we can help you uncover hidden synergies and cost reductions. 

There are certain scenarios like a sailing regatta, where getting live Video, Audio and Data from the boats becomes quite a challenge. With our portfolio of long-range Video and IP networks we can connect onboard cameras and other assets like TV-helicopters over long ranges to the broadcast infrastructure and bring the live action to the fans and viewers. 

Video Replay Solutions

With our SimplyLive Video Replay and Production solutions we have the right tools in hand when it comes to your events video production. A particular focus for us in Managed Technology when it comes to SimplyLive lies in the replay solutions for sporting purposes like the Video Assistant Referee, Coach Review or Medical Review applications. 

Remote Operations Center

The Riedel Remote Operations Center (ROC) is our swiss-army-knife when it comes to remote workflows and productions. ROC means efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and sustainability. Our advanced remote workflows eliminate the need for extensive travel by technicians and engineers, reducing hospitality and transportation costs – as well as the user´s carbon footprint. Did you know that for example the audio mix for the referees in Deutsche Bundesliga is controlled live from Wuppertal for every game? 

Customization & Special Technology

You plan on jumping out of space, remote controlling a 1,200 hp electric race car from 80km afar or simply want to create a floating TV-studio on a racing yacht? When visiting our colleagues from our dedicated Engineering team you sometimes feel like joining Q for picking up the latest gadgets for your mission. Whatever you have in mind, let’s talk and see how we can unlock your creative vision by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 


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