The New Networked UHD Master Recording Solution.
i4 - Compact, powerful, high-quality Master Recorder.

The RiCapture i4 system offers powerful UHD master recording solution built into a small form-factor with significant cost advantages.

Controlled with an easy-to-use interface for quick setup and deployment, i4 lets users record 1x UHD 12G-SDI input or 4x 3G-SDI inputs with 16 channels of embedded audio per video channel. Additional audio sources are available with 128 channels of Dante or 64 Channels of AES67. The i4 high quality recording offers DNxHD or DNxHR along with H264 4:2:0 encoding up to 40 Mbps. Its local i4 recording storage offers continuous loop recording for the captured content, with options to clip and export files as needed from the available local storage.

The application can connect up to 4 targets for streaming destinations. Users can easily select within each of these destinations whether to send only the high resolution DNxHD/R, the H264 – or both. i4 offers maximum versatility to capture the recorded media locally, on removable storage, on network attached storage or to live streaming destinations.

RiCapture i4 it is the ideal solution for all your master recording needs – whether in an OB or live studio environment.

RiCapture i4

RiCapture i4

  • Portable and Compact
  • Powerful, Professional Solution
  • Recording of up to 4x 3G-SDI inputs
  • HD and 1x 12G-SDI input UHD
  • Up to 4 targets
  • Can record DNx & H.264 at the same time

MMR USB Recorders

MMR 110 & 410 - Versatile Multi-function Recorders

The MMR 110 and 410 are the most versatile multi-purpose recording, duplication and streaming systems in the industry.

For those that are still making copies of programs onto DVD and SD cards, MMR allows you to retire those legacy devices with a recorder that will copy your programs on up to 10 USB drives in one pass utilizing standardized low bandwidth compression.  

That’s just the beginning of what the MMRs can do. You can send programs to your Network Attached Storage or FTP sites at the same time as you are making your dubs. You can even stream directly to web from the MMRs in standard protocols.

Like with all our products, the user interface is so easy to operate that anyone can start using MMR within minutes.  Simply plug in a monitor and you are ready to go.

All this adds up to your people not wasting their time on duplication and you saving money.


  • Throw away those DVDs and SD Cards - Duplicate program content quickly to an easy-to-distribute, low-bandwidth, common format (H.264 up to 10Mbs) onto a USB drive. 
  • Save time and money - perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as recording locally or to removable USB drives (HDD, Keys), storing onto a network drive, uploading content to FTP, and live streaming inputs to web.
  • Take it in the truck... – use the MMR on the road with sturdy, reliable rack-mounted frames for easy installation in OB trucks...giving you flexibility to work in any location. Just connect a monitor, set up the inputs and you’re ready to go.
  • Simplify training requirements – reduce time educating staff because MMR is extremely easy to use, enabling anyone to learn and operate it in just minutes.
  • Automatic back-ups and uploads mean less worry and less hassle – MMR automatically records a safe copy onto the internal hard drive as you record to your destinations, so the content is there when you need it later for dubs. You can automatically record a copy of your program onto a network drive, set it to automatically upload content to an FTP server,  even stream inputs in RTMP or HLS to cloud platforms.
  • Key time code and logo bugs on programs for efficient reviews – Use the internal keyer onboard to print your logo bug or SMPTE time code onto your choice shows so reviewers can quickly find key program locations.



  • 10 USB drive ports
  • Up to 10 Mbs H.264 encoding bitrate
  • 8 Embedded audio streams
  • Local SSD Storage
  • REST API Support
  • SMPTE Timecode Burn Option


MMR Recorder

MMR 410

  • Most powerful & flexible option
  • Record, duplicate and stream - simultaneously
  • 4 Inputs to 15 destinations -simultaneously
  • USB, Local drives, NAS, FTP or live web streaming

MMR 110

  • Most affordable option
  • Record, duplicate and stream - simultaneously
  • 1 Input to 12 destinations -simultaneously
  • USB, Local Drives, NAS, FTP or live web streaming