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Wuppertal June 7, 2023

Riedel Appoints Marion Dimayuga as General Manager of Southeast Asia

“We are excited for Marion Dimayuga to join Riedel and help us expand our market leadership in SEA,” said Mauffrey. “As an accomplished industry veteran, Marion’s regional expertise will be essential in maintaining intensive contacts with clients, suppliers, and partners to identify long-term trends in demand and supply behavior. We are looking forward to his leadership and continuous development in coaching our team, especially when it comes to modern management, sales, and marketing methods.”

Dimayuga has worked in the broadcast and pro AV industry for over two decades, making him an expert in the regional market and its players. Before joining Riedel, he headed the Imaging Network Business Division of Panasonic System Solutions’ Asia-Pacific branch. Through that role, together with his previous position as JVC Asia's regional sales and marketing team leader, he brings a combined 17 years of leadership experience to the company.

“I’m excited to join Riedel and embrace the challenge of strategically expanding our channel sales network in the ever-competitive and complex SEA region,” said Dimayuga. “In my work, I’ve always enjoyed coming up with transformative business development initiatives and putting them into practice. I look forward to growing our key channels by helping our clients pursue their goals in broadcast, media, entertainment, and beyond.”

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