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WUPPERTAL August 9, 2019

Riedel Further Expands APAC Footprint with Two New Appointments

“We combined Riedel Asia-Pacific into a single region in 2015, and we’ve seen some excellent growth since then,” said Cameron O’Neill, Director, Asia-Pacific. “This has come to include technical service and repair capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, localized sources for training and education, and generally being able to get closer to our current and future customers.” 

To broaden knowledge and empower Riedel customers, Julian Hewitt has been appointed as Regional Training Manager. As part of this very strategic role, Hewitt will lead the development and deployment of various training materials, workshops, and industry educational programs. 
Hewitt’s 10 years of Riedel experience has covered roles from user to consultant and he has worked extensively with many key customers in the region including Lighthouse Church in Singapore, TV18 in India, PCCW in Hong Kong, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia. 

“Having excellent equipment is only half the story. Having amazing operators and engineers using the equipment completes the picture.” said Hewitt. “With comprehensive training materials and educational programs tailored to the specific needs of the region, our APAC customers will get even more out of their Riedel gear.” 

To further strengthen pan-regional communication and awareness, Riedel has also appointed Deidre Joubert as Regional Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific. With experience in commercial roles in both professional sport and event broadcast for events such as the America’s Cup and Ryder Cup, Joubert will focus on supporting the Asia-Pacific region by developing a more localized approach. 

“Our marketing strategy needs to reflect, both, the differences and similarities in customer motivations and requirements across this economically and culturally diverse region while providing a conduit to the full range of Riedel’s knowledge and global experience,” said Joubert. “To be effective in our communication and have a genuine impact, we have to be able to talk to our customers where they are, in a language they understand. By developing local support structures, we increase our ability to influence decisions and deliver positive outcomes for Riedel.” 

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