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Wuppertal September 9, 2016

Sky Upgrades OB Units with MediorNet

Sky Deutschland AG (Sky Germany) has outfitted a new fleet of seven satellite newsgathering (SNG) units and two outside broadcast (OB) tender vehicles with Riedel Communications’ MediorNet real-time media network and SmartPanels equipped with the new MediorNet Control App. The SmartPanel App enables Sky Germany to route and control signals across the MediorNet network according to the requirements of different live sports and news events. Because all SmartPanels also feature the Intercom App, users can enjoy simultaneous control and communications functionality while working with a single compact panel in just 1-RU.

“Riedel’s SmartPanel with the MediorNet Control App saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort in adapting equipment in our trucks to address varying production requirements,” said Alessandro Reitano, Vice President, Sports Production at Sky Germany. “Facilitating fast, easy routing and control of all signals across our SNG and OB tender trucks, the SmartPanel gives us a new degree of flexibility that translates to greater efficiency in our overall operations. Simultaneous intercom functionality allows us to save space by using the same panel for both routing and communications. The future extensibility of SmartPanel functionality with further apps makes Riedel’s MediorNet infrastructure an ever more compelling solution for our OB vehicles and production applications.”

Sky Germany’s new SNG units and two OB tender vehicles are also equipped with Riedel’s Artist intercom system. Linking the SmartPanels directly into the Riedel MediorNet media network as a dedicated control panel, the new MediorNet Control App enables users to route, control, and communicate all at once using a single 1-RU system that reduces space requirements and equipment costs. The system also facilitates an easy, single-cable link to the tender truck for larger productions.

The MediorNet Control App is the second app family developed for Riedel’s SmartPanel interface. With the Intercom App and the new MediorNet Control App running in parallel, the SmartPanel effectively consolidates two panels into one that provides full intercom and control functionality at all times. As Riedel continues to release new applications for its SmartPanel interface, Sky Germany can readily and cost-effectively take advantage of enhanced functionality as well.

“Sky Germany’s embrace of the SmartPanel and our new MediorNet Control App demonstrates that broadcasters and production companies understand the valuable ways in which versatile, extensible software-based solutions can help them to establish and maintain nimble and efficient production operations,” said Dr. Karsten Konrad, Product Manager at Riedel Communications.

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