MicroN MultiViewer App

The MultiViewer App adds distributed multiviewing capabilities to the MediorNet ecosystem. Each single MediorNet MultiViewer engine can access any MediorNet input signal and process up to 18 signals. These can be flexibly placed on four virtual screens, which can be routed to any destination within the MediorNet system and output at alternative locations. The MultiViewer device provides local signal inputs and outputs to offer further connectivity options like playing out the virtual MultiViewer screens locally on the device. 

MediorNet MultiViewer has powerful processing features including flexible scaling, positioning, as well as the ability to incorporate graphics (like logos and background images) and special “widgets”. Widgets include tallies, under-monitor-displays, audio level meters, and several clocks and counters.


MicroN MultiViewer App

  • MediorNet MultiViewer engine
  • Access to every MediorNet input signal
  • Processes up to 18 signals
  • Flexible placement on four virtual screens
  • Local signal inputs and outputs
  • Widgets (tallies, under-monitor-displays, audio level meters, and several clocks and counters)


3 MB | 07. Feb. 2024 |

19 MB | 13. May. 2024 |

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