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Wuppertal April 13, 2023

TV3 Deploys Spain’s First Riedel Artist-1024 Intercom Matrix on Its Path to Full IP

“Clearly, the present and future are IP, and we feel fortunate that Riedel and Crosspoint had the most competitive and compelling offer during the public tender to deliver without any doubt, one of the best intercom systems in the world,” said Ignasi Jauset, Head of Projects, TV3. “Thanks to a great partner relationship and close collaboration among the three of us, we’ve been able to make a smart, safe transition to IP — and a surprisingly robust communication system.”

The Artist-1024 ecosystem combines with the Bolero wireless intercom, which includes 10 antennas supporting 28 beltpacks, to give TV3’s production workflow greater versatility without compromising audio intelligibility. In addition to providing long battery life that ensures reliable operation of over 17 hours in support of production workflows, Bolero beltpacks offer such a comfortable fit that TV3 managers often forget they’re wearing them.

“Our IP-based intercom system provides us with incredible flexibility in configuring communications,” said Jordi Soler, Chief Engineer TV Studio Facilities, TV3. “IP creates a whole new world of possibilities since all audio can be used as inputs in the matrix, allowing us to use the panels for audio monitoring, which greatly reduces the need for extra equipment and rack space.”

Also, as Roger Maneu, TV3’s MCR technician, pointed out, Artist’s ability to integrate telephone systems into the network lets operators make and receive phone calls via its SmartPanels. Because all audio sources are in the panels and headsets, TV3 teams now benefit from working in a much quieter environment, a great improvement from previous workflows.

The installation of the Riedel systems commenced in two phases, with the deployment of a first Artist-1024 node in the CPA, followed by a second node in the news editing facility. Along the way, Crosspoint provided continuous training and support to the TV3 team.

“When renewing their infrastructure, it is not always easy for clients to be early adopters of an innovative solution, however, TV3 had the necessary vision and confidence to trust in the Artist-1024 and Riedel as a reference of communications in the most challenging scenarios. At Crosspoint, we are delighted to have successfully contributed to delivering such an ambitious and demanding project,” said Víctor García, Crosspoint’s Managing Director.

“Riedel, TV3, and Crosspoint are three companies that live for innovation,” said Maribel Román, Regional Sales Manager at Riedel Communications. “TV3, in particular, has been a leader in the evolution of IP technology, always eager to push innovative technologies. We’re proud to have worked with Crosspoint, a trusted partner and reliable provider of technical support and solutions, to make this forward-looking project a success.”

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