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Wuppertal November 17, 2016

1,500th MediorNet Compact Frame

Express Co, Ltd adopted Riedel signal distribution and communications technology for this new OB van, which will equip the company to address rising demand for 4K production and broadcast.

“We’re very excited about the flexibility that Riedel’s MediorNet brings to our new 4K-capable OB van, as well as the versatility and interoperability of the company’s Artist and Performer systems,” said a representative from Express Co, Ltd. “As we expand our business to address rapidly growing demand for 4K content, we can be confident in the quality and reliability of our signal transport and communications infrastructure. Riedel equipment is known for setting the industry standard, and we plan to take full advantage of it in providing top-notch 4K OB production services.”

Riedel uses a fiber-based networked approach and tight integration between products to facilitate smooth installation and management of MediorNet, Artist, and Performer systems into both fixed and mobile facilities. For the new Express Co, Ltd OB van, the Riedel systems enable fast, simple setup and configuration while minimizing cabling.

MediorNet Compact is a modern stagebox that provides the flexibility of a true real-time media network at the cost of simple multiplexing point-to-point products. Enabling cost-effective fiber signal transport for 3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio, data, and intercom, MediorNet Compact streamlines the infrastructure of any mobile production while opening the door to 4K production. Integrated signal-processing capabilities, including frame synchronization, frame store, and embedding/de-embedding, help to reduce the number, weight, and cost of required components within the truck.

Riedel’s Artist serves as an advanced modular communications platform with the power and versatility to address the varying demands of modern intercom applications. The Artist’s fiber-based network provides a decentralized infrastructure that can simplify the distribution of audio while ensuring crisp, reliable intercom communications.

“Japan’s ambitious plans for rolling out 4K broadcasts are coming to fruition, and demand for 4K production is high,” said Cameron O’Neill, Director, Asia-Pacific, at Riedel Communications. “Using our MediorNet technology, already proven in 4K production for some of the world’s most prestigious sporting competitions, Express Co, Ltd can meet this business opportunity with an innovative OB van that handles all signals effectively.”

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