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WUPPERTAL July 22, 2020

Riedel’s MediorNet MuoN and FusioN Gateways Optimize Production Workflow for CTV Outside Broadcasts

"With the innovative gateway devices from Riedel, we realized that scaling IP is not just possible, but easy,” said Paul Francis, Chief Technical Officer at CTV Outside Broadcasts. “Other manufacturers’ solutions require deployment of messy single boxes or large frames, but the MediorNet gateways work with a switch that is already in place, handling two or more signals as needed at each location. The granular nature of Riedel’s SFP gateway deployment has really enabled the efficiency and flexibility of our project.”

Riedel’s SFP-based MediorNet MuoN IP gateways provide multiple practical interfaces for bridging SDI signals into IP. With their small form factor (SFP+, SFP28), the modules can be installed inside a standard 10GE/25GE IP switch. Because they are software-defined, MuoN modules can be configured to run encapsulation such as SMPTE ST 2110, ST 2022-1/2, and ST 2022-6.

The MediorNet FusioN device deployed by CTV Outside Broadcasts is a versatile standalone gateway designed for remote control applications. The FusioN 6 can be configured with a combination of SFP modules to deliver the signal processing capabilities the production company requires. The bulk gateway is capable of treating up to eight gateway conversions for HD/3G signals or four in UHD.

“CTV is widely recognized as a leading broadcast provider, with over 35 years of experience in outside broadcast. Their large OB fleet rolls worldwide, delivering technical and creative solutions to productions across all genres. We’re really happy to contribute to CTV’s ongoing success,” said Denis Paré, VP of Sales Enablement at Riedel Communications. “Especially in OB environments, space is at a premium. Here, our miniaturized smart SFP solutions save precious space and energy while optimizing the speed and flexibility of signal conversion. MediorNet MuoN and FusioN are practically made for the OB business.”

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