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Butzbach September 12, 2018

Frankfurt – Sao Paulo: back and forth in 185 ms

This relocation allows Riedel Networks to provide their South American customers with direct MPLS access to the world’s most widely used cloud service providers. Moreover, the new Riedel Networks POP is equipped with the very latest technology and offers considerably greater bandwidth.

“We are witnessing a significant growth in the South American market. Our clients’ demand of bandwidth is increasing rapidly; they are dependent on direct access to the most important cloud systems to ensure their staff a fast, safe and high-quality access to their cloud services,” said Bernhard Pussel, Head of Sales at Riedel Networks.

Michael Martens, CEO of Riedel Networks, added, “The new point of presence in Sao Paulo complements our construction of a global SDN network and fits perfectly into our worldwide SD-WAN concept, which currently is in its very last pre-launch phase.”

On top of that, Riedel Networks gained access to significantly more network partners to cover the so-called last mile. Besides higher flexibility, this step increases the number of connections available and, hence, further improves service reliability at customer locations.


Olá Brasil e bem vindo a Sao Paulo


About Riedel Networks

Riedel Networks is an international network provider offering corporate networks and real-time audio & video services via its own MPLS based network worldwide. The company is solely focusing on building and operating data communication network services, tailor made to the needs of its customers. Founded 2001 in Butzbach nearby Frankfurt, the company today runs an extensive and scalable Cisco homogenous network with 40+ points of presence worldwide. It serves 200+ multi-national customers across all vertical industries in 45+ countries. Our outstanding customer service is the basis for a solid customer loyalty. Riedel Networks is a 100% enterprise of the Riedel Communications group in Wuppertal, Germany, and is fully privately owned by Thomas Riedel.

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