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Wuppertal, Germany April 18, 2016

DB Video Builds Innovative OB Van

Working with Riedel and coach builder Moeyersons, DB Video used MediorNet systems to create a relatively small yet robust expandable truck — dubbed Unit 10 — that boasts future-proof broadcast technology and a unique cloud model for signal routing.

“While standing at the intersection of ‘classic’ OB-van building and the introduction of IP-based broadcasting, we had to make critical and challenging decisions about how to invest in and deploy new technology,” said Dimitri Beyaert, CEO and founder of DB Video. “We thought about the future of the mobile TV facility and determined that Riedel’s expertise and equipment could help us make this vision a reality.”

To create a future-proof truck with a space-saving yet spacious-feeling environment, DB Video worked with Moeyersons to design from scratch a complete OB van measuring just 11.65 meters long by 2.293 meters wide when closed. The company worked with a team from Riedel Communications, already one of its primary and trusted suppliers, to ensure the unit’s routing and signal transport systems could support production of larger-scale broadcast television programs. The Riedel equipment proved ideal for an OB van designed with much more work space and much less rack space than is typical in a mobile unit.

Deployed in a fully redundant configuration built on a 10 Gbit/s fiber network, 18 MicroN 80G media distribution network devices, two MetroN core routers, and four MediorNet external stageboxes combine to serve as a decentralized matrix that transform the OB van into a cloud truck, with router elements situated in the ideal physical location for any given production or workflow. DB Video expanded the matrix through the interconnection of a router and Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system. All MicroN units installed in the van feature a MADI connection, and all I/O in the cloud includes embedding and de-embedding options, SMPTE2022-6 support, video format conversion, and timecode insertion.

DB Video also has deployed Riedel’s MediorNet Compact Pro systems to create remote hubs that allow extra cameras to be connected to the OB van through a simple fiber connection. This capability helps the company to take on large-scale productions when the truck is in the field or when it is serving as a complete production facility at the company’s headquarters.

“With its innovative routing system and its space-saving design, Unit 10 represents a significant advance in mobile production and broadcasting,” said Peter Robberechts, sales manager for Belgium at Riedel Communications. “As the industry continues to evolve, this forward-looking model will give DB Video exceptional agility and flexibility that will help the company to distinguish its services in a highly competitive marketplace.”

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