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Wuppertal June 20, 2024

MediorNet, Artist, and Bolero Aboard New UHD5 OB Van Power View Master Events’ Cutting-Edge Broadcasts at SNFCC

Since its opening in 2016, the multifunctional SNFCC complex — which houses the Greek National Opera; the National Library of Greece; the expansive Stavros Niarchos Park; and an opera hall with an alternative stage, outdoor stages, and conference rooms — has been using Riedel's MediorNet Compact stage boxes. The distributed MediorNet system serves as a distributed AV signal-routing backbone for seamless distribution of video, audio, data, and communications signals throughout the venue's diverse spaces. Through these stage boxes spread across the premises, View Master Events can easily integrate their UHD5 mobile production infrastructure, ensuring top-notch production quality for every one of SNFCC’s events. Besides reducing cabling, enhancing system stability, and providing extensive versatility in signal routing, MediorNet’s modular structure allows easy scaling as SNFCC’s production needs evolve.

“Our new UHD HDR OB truck provides unprecedented production flexibility, with new, powerful capabilities to produce broadcasts from small shows to massive multisport events. A future expansion of our MediorNet system with Riedel’s new MediorNet HorizoN will further future-proof our production infrastructure, paving the way to IP workflows,” said John Zarganis, Production and Technical Director at View Master Events and Live Productions. “My relationship with Riedel spans over two decades, and throughout that time, I have consistently relied on their solutions for various high-profile events and productions. Our company’s experience with Riedel has been nothing short of exceptional, and their solutions continue to set the standard for stability, efficiency, and flexibility in the industry.”

During its tours primarily around Greece, the rest of Europe, and Turkey, the van’s MicroN UHD devices allow View Master Events to handle a wide range of video formats, including 4K/UHD signals. This ability to handle different signal types and formats seamlessly streamlines workflows and reduces the need for additional peripheral devices. Moreover, Riedel's SmartPanels offer an intuitive user interface for controlling various aspects of the production. Overall, this tight integration of Riedel’s solutions enables efficient signal routing, processing, and monitoring for live events spanning the opera house, outdoor stages, conference halls, and park areas.

“Having delivered the complete audiovisual infrastructure at SNFCC, we were deeply familiar with the specific requirements of this cornerstone of Athens’ cultural landscape — and knew that Riedel’s intercom and video technologies were perfectly suited for the task”, said Drossos Kyriazis, Sales and Marketing Director, Telmaco. “Therefore, we did not hesitate to recommend the space-saving and versatile Artist, MediorNet, and Bolero solutions for the UHD5, and we’re more than happy with the result.”

Ismet Bozkurt, Senior Regional Sales Manager, Eastern Europe at Riedel, added: “We are proud to continue supporting View Master Events in delivering exceptional experiences for a wide range of cultural, educational, and sports events at the SNFCC. This collaboration not only enhances the production capabilities at one of Athens' most iconic venues but also underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the live production industry.”

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