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Wuppertal April 13, 2024

Riedel Enhances Interstellar Technologies' Space Launch With Advanced Communication and Video Transmission Solutions

"Riedel's solutions impressed us with their functionality and rationality, and we are certain that they will play a crucial role in Rocket ZERO's launch operations,” said Kazunori Makino, TT&C Group Leader, R&D Department at Interstellar. “Our collaboration with an esteemed brand like Riedel underscores our dedication to upholding the highest quality standards in the technical domain. As we gear up for the inaugural launch of ZERO, we are committed to expanding the system. The Riedel solution will not only be utilized by Interstellar staff but also by affiliated satellite companies, ensuring a superior level of launch operations for our company."

Interstellar faced significant communication delays using traditional digital radios at its two main facilities — the command center and the combustion test and launch site — both of which are crucial for monitoring and launching commercial rockets. Additionally, the need for a high-quality, low-latency video system was paramount with the upcoming launch of the first Rocket ZERO. Upon learning about Riedel's success in providing solutions for Formula One, Interstellar‘s R&D department reached out to Riedel's sales partner in Japan, Otaritec Corporation. Together with Riedel Communications Japan, Otaritec developed a tailored solution to meet Interstellar's needs.

The solution included the installation of an Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom, eight RSP-1216HL Hybrid Lever Key SmartPanels, and one Bolero antenna at the command center, along with two Bolero antennas and six beltpacks at the combustion test and launch sites. For video transmission, 12 MediorNet IP FusioN 6B devices using the JPEG XS video coding standard were installed, enabling lightly compressed, high-quality video with low latency between sites. The updated system has significantly improved communication and video transmission, ensuring smooth operations between the command post and the test site as staff members move about. The Bolero system has been particularly well-received by Interstellar staff for its ease of use and operability, enabling team members to monitor the development of commercial rockets via constant, accurate, and crystal-clear communication.

"Riedel and Otaritec are honored to contribute to this exceptional spaceflight program with our cutting-edge communication and video transmission technology," said Guillaume Mauffrey, Director of Sales, Asia, Riedel Communications. "Our solutions are designed to ensure seamless operations in mission-critical environments, and we are thrilled to see them play a role in the advancement of space exploration."

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