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While delivering an outstanding experience for your visiting guests, fans and viewers at home, your stars, creatives and backstage staff should never worry about the technology in the background. As a strong and reliable technology partner at your side we help you focus on what’s most important: delivering a world class experience and do our best to extend it with technology. 

Featured Services

Large Scale Data, Intercom, Video & Audio Backbone Deployments

Todays high-end events share the need for ultra-high bandwidth network backbones for Data, Intercom, Video and Audio networks. With our solution for such backbones, we can help you uncover hidden synergies and cost reductions. 


Keeping track of your guests and fans isn’t that easy if they are coming in thousands and spreading over a large area. With our CCTV solutions we are there to help you keep an eye on them and quickly detect in if someone needs help.

World’s largest rental fleet of Professional Radios from various manufacturers

There are not many times where you need several thousands of radios for your event, but if you do, we are happy to rent you them. Our warehouses hold the world largest rental fleet of Professional Radios, so that we can share them with you no matter how high your demand is.

Festivals, Multisport events, conferences and other leading global events choose our services not only for our technical solution, but also mainly because they know they will be in good hands. Our team collaborates closely with event organizers, understanding the unique challenges each event presents. We like to think of ourselves as the facility manager of an event – coming first and leaving last, making sure that everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on your event. 

We are proud to call many of the worlds most iconic music festivals our customers. No matter the genre, we want to enable you to deliver a world class show for the fans. And if your staff can’t wait for the show to start – just tune into BoleroFM on our Intercom systems for some groovy tunes to whistle along to while clearing the early morning checklists. 

In global event productions, we often face budget wastage due to “siloed” production budgets and duplicated resources. By adopting a holistic approach, we streamline costs and boost efficiency. With services tailored to any event size, we ensure maximum value for your budget.

Since Winter 1994, we have been a strong partner of many of the leading Multisport events in the world. Organizing Committees often choose us for their games underlying network infrastructure and communications demand. 


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