Press Release

Wuppertal April 4, 2024

Riedel Elevates 4K Projects’ Large Event and Studio Productions in Denmark

“In the fast-paced world of event production, clear and efficient communication is paramount,” said Balder Thorrud, operator and partner at 4K Projects. “Riedel systems help us work together seamlessly with tight deadlines, multiple stakeholders, and complex events. We would never consider anything other than Riedel products because they deliver exactly what we need, and the support is great too. It was an easy choice to expand and invest in additional Riedel gear.”

Besides live music and corporate event productions, 4K Projects also runs Studio99, a complete virtual green screen studio, which offers a fully customizable and immersive experience for live streaming and broadcasting. In its studio setup, 4K Projects relies on Riedel systems to connect the technical crew, floor managers, moderators, and the studio team. Artist’s superior hardware integration, which facilitates simple and reliable interoperation between Riedel products, and Riedel’s steadfast commitment to quality made the company’s intercom systems an indisputable choice for 4K Projects.

In the field, the Riedel solutions have significantly accelerated 4K Projects’ workflow efficiency, reducing setup time and enhancing communication during events. For example, last September the Riedel intercom solutions proved invaluable during the Suspekt concert at Parken, the Danish national football stadium. The Riedel gear was used for production communication, handling cues, program sound, and facilitating communication between all production units to ensure that the event was run flawlessly.

“4K Projects’ success in the dynamic world of event production reflects our shared dedication to good, clear communication. The possibility to simply add another Artist-1024 to the setup has proven very useful to accommodate their various production sizes. With Artist’s flexible licensing scheme, they can go as low as 16 ports for small productions, and scale up as they please,” said Jakob Refer, Regional Sales Manager, Northern Europe and BLX at Riedel. “The company excels in managing, planning, and executing every aspect of lighting, video, cameras, and visuals for demanding live events, and we’re proud that Riedel gear helps the 4K Projects team make each of these complex productions a success.”