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Wuppertal September 6, 2022

Riedel Acquires IP Specialist SDNsquare

Belgium-based SDNsquare is a leading technology provider of cutting-edge Software Defined Network solutions for complex and demanding IP-based media installations. Its technology has been proven in numerous IP-based projects and deployed by its customers in major sporting events such as the Tokyo Games, Roland Garros and European Athletics Munich.

“SDNsquare is a recognized innovator when it comes to Software Defined Network orchestration in media,” said Rik Hoerée, CEO Product Division at Riedel. “We are very excited to welcome the SDNsquare team to the Riedel family, integrate their technology into our future products, and grow its capabilities to help make IP simple for our customers.”

Henry Alexander, CEO at SDNsquare, commented: “Being part of the Riedel family ensures continuity and further development of our core technology. The SDNsquare team will now be integrated into the Riedel R&D and Customer Success team and will continue to work from their offices in Ghent, Belgium.”

Lieven Vermaele, Co-Founder and Chairman of SDNsquare, added: “This step will help accelerate the innovations around SDN orchestration and embed this in future Riedel solutions, letting a larger group of customers benefit of this technology.”

“This acquisition underlines our commitment to continue investing in technology as a driver for future innovations and growth” concludes Thomas Riedel, Group CEO. “We are very excited about the powerful synergies resulting from the interaction between the SDNsquare team and our Network, Product and Managed Technology Divisions.”

Henry Alexander & Rik Hoerée

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