ST2110 Up/Down/Cross Conversion

The Riedel Up/Down/Cross Conversion Apps enable high quality scaling and de-interlacing inside a small SFP. The IP ST2110 to IP applications can perform up, down or cross conversion of video input formats ranging from HD to UHD. The processor also comes with a 50/59.94/60Hz frame rate converter. The high-end, motion adaptive de-interlacer, combined with the multi-tap scaling engine delivers pristine and sharp images in all conversion modes. The app is available as a down converter, up converter or as a full up/down/ cross converter. In addition, the APP includes a full Color Corrector which can be used to adjust signal gains and colors.



ST2110 Up/Down/Cross Conversion App

Audio Router


  • ST2110-20 IP to IP solution
  • Support of ST2022-7 Class D
  • 25GE host rate SFP
  • Motion Adaptive de-interlacer with directional interpolation
  • Eight Pixel Bob/Weave Mixing value providing best performance with diagonal transitions in motion
  • 9 horizontal & 7 vertical filtering taps
  • Film content detection (3:2 & 2:2) & compensation
  • Color space conversion BT-709 from/to BT.2020
  • Full Color Corrector with RGB Gains, Blacks and Gamma, + Hue, Chroma, Contrast and Brightness controls
  • Controlled and configured via MN SET software (future)
  • Third party interface through a RESTful, NMOS or Ember+ APIs



  • Highest density
  • Fully robust and redundant solution


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