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Wuppertal September 15, 2017

Riedel’s MediorNet to Power Sky Sport HQ

Featuring the most extensive MediorNet backbone deployed to date, Sky Sport HQ has one of Europe’s largest and most advanced broadcast infrastructures for live sports production. The MediorNet infrastructure is made up of nearly 150 frames, including Riedel’s MetroN Core Router, MicroN, and MicroN MultiViewer, providing almost 1,600 video and more than 1,500 audio connections.  

“Sky Sport HQ is the realization of our vision for the future of sports production — a facility that offers the perfect combination of high-quality design, state-of-the-art technology, and smart innovation. The scalable MediorNet signal transport and routing system gives us a new dimension of flexibility and sets the stage for us to support IP-based workflows and 4K productions,” said Alessandro Reitano, Vice President, Sports Production at Sky Deutschland. "With MediorNet, we can deploy tremendous routing capabilities in a decentralized real-time network that offers powerful flexibility, redundancy, and reliability. Another big MediorNet advantage is the MultiViewer App along with its other built-in signal processing capabilities, which eliminate the need for many external devices.”

??Occupying 4,500 square meters near Sky Germany’s corporate headquarters in Unterföhring, just outside Munich, Sky Sport HQ has three studios with interconnected production, edit, and playout capabilities, along with a full broadcast IT infrastructure. Sky Sport HQ went into production this summer with a wide range of live sports broadcasts including the Sky Bundesliga conference, the UEFA Champions League, golf, tennis, and Formula 1 events. Sky Sport HQ will also supply content for Sky Germany’s online platforms and the Sky Sport News HD program.

Sky Germany worked with Riedel partner Qvest Media to design production workflows for the Sky Sport HQ and oversee turnkey implementation of the entire system, including the innovative IP backbone also provided by MediorNet.

“With this state-of-the-art new broadcasting center, Sky Germany is passing another milestone — a complete MediorNet infrastructure that combines decentralized routing with signal transport and processing, including integrated multiviewers,” said Jens Miedek, Director of Sales, Riedel Communications. “It is an honor to support Sky Germany in this future-oriented project, a showcase of innovative and sustainable technologies that provide a reliable foundation for the IP-based operations of tomorrow.”  

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