The VirtU IP core infrastructure platform can host an extremely dense array of Riedel MuoN SFP processors in just 1RU. The frame can be used as a bulk gateway, as a very dense processing unit or for any combination of gateway and processing. This modular platform allows users to gradually build their key advanced gateway and processing power as their needs grow!

VirtU 32

All-IP Core Infrastructure & Media Signal Processing Hub w/32 Processing Slots

The VirtU all-IP core infrastructure and processing platform provides an extremely dense array of Riedel MuoN software-defined SFP IP processors in just 1RU. Designed to address media signal processing and SDI-to-IP conversion for mission-critical and HD up to UHD IP production environments, the platform allows users to build their key advanced processing power modularly as their needs grow!


The VirtU 32 core processing frame can be used as:  

  • 32 channels IP-to-IP bulk Up/Down/Cross Conversion
  • 32 channels IP-to-IP bulk HDR conversion
  • 64 channels bulk UHD ST2110 – SDI gateway 
  • 64 IP-to-IP bulk JPEG-XS encode/decode
  • Or any combination of these function in a single RU frame

The mission-critical frame construct provides 8x independent clusters each one with MuoN Processing SFP connecting to a dual set of uplinks for integral support of ST2022-7 hitless redundancy.



  • 32 Processing SFPs in a single RU space
  • 8 independent processing clusters
  • Full support of ST2022-7 with dual uplinks fiber
  • Selectable network interfaces 100/40GE
  • Software-selectable processes including: gateways, up/down/cross conversion, down converter, clean switching, color correction, quad links to single link flow conversion
  • Available redundant power supply



  • Virtualized! Fits anywhere!
  • Optimize bandwidth to your core
  • Virtually no point of failure
  • Passive hub = full resiliency
  • Support for SD-up-to-UHD IP production
  • Modular - build as you grow!
  • Minimize OPEX!
  • Highly robust solution 


VirtU 48-S

Aggregator Frame with 48x25G SFP Slots and 8x100G Aggregation Ports

The Riedel VirtU 48-S compact 1RU frame offers more than twice the density of other available solutions, supporting up to 96x 3G miniaturized MuoN SFP gateways within a single RU space. The aggregator routs IP flows inside the frame or within an IP system through eight 100GE aggregation ports.
The frame can be used for bulk gateway conversion, or as a top-of-rack solution letting you connect other IP devices to your core media network. The VirtU 48-S uses an IT base technology adapted for real-time highly mission critical broadcast application.
The system can be configured with a complete segregation of two independent networks providing full support of ST2022-7 to the modules. The aggregator comes with the supports of PTP (boundary clock mode).


  • 48 MuoN A10 or any 1/10/25 GE slots 
  • Modular platform using hot swappable SFP modules
  • High bandwidth aggregation pips
  • Supports PTP boundary clock mode



  • Highest bulk gateway density with up to 96 gateways in a single RU
  • Can aggregate signals from 48 IP (10/25GE) devices to your network.
  • Can be used as a multi-channel processing device. 




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