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WUPPERTAL February 11, 2020

Riedel’s MediorNet, Artist, and Bolero Drive Integrated and Reliable Comms in Paris La Défense Arena

One of only two multiuse domed stadiums in Europe, Paris La Défense Arena features moveable seating that enables it to be used for a variety of indoor sports and entertainment events at various capacities. The arena is the home venue for the French rugby union club, Racing 92, and will play host to gymnastics events for the 2024 summer games.

“Since the arena is state-of-the-art and groundbreaking in many ways, we needed nothing less than the state of the art in communications and signal routing technologies. Riedel was the obvious choice,” said Jean-Marc Poissenot, Director of the Audiovisual Department, Paris La Défense Arena. “MediorNet is a powerful solution for handling the complexities of transporting, routing, and processing video and audio signals across the long distances spanning our arena. Plus, the combination of Artist and Bolero, with its unique Advanced DECT Receiver technology, delivers reliable communications that are immune to the multipath reflections you can expect in many stadium deployments.” 

The decentralized MediorNet backbone enables Paris La Défense Arena to route any type of signal from any point in the stadium to any other point or points without requiring staff to reconfigure any cables. The network reduces single points of failure and creates operational efficiencies by enabling arena staff to place physical I/Os closer to where they are needed. In addition, MediorNet’s integrated processing capabilities include embedding/de-embedding, frame synchronization, video/audio delays, and a test pattern generator, reducing the need for single-purpose peripheral devices. 

An Artist-32 digital matrix intercom mainframe enables robust and reliable crew communications throughout the arena. The Artist intercom supports 12 Bolero wireless beltpacks together with an RSP-2318 SmartPanel in the control room. With its integrated mic and speaker, each highly intuitive Bolero beltpack can also be operated as a wireless keypanel or as a walkie-talkie radio. Operators, administrators, and crew enjoy seamless communications workflows thanks to the integration of wireless and wired technology in a single decentralized system.  

“Paris La Défense Arena is another outstanding showcase in Europe for Riedel technology, highlighting how our communications and real-time network solutions are able to fulfill even the most complex requirements of arenas and stadiums,” said Franck Berger, General Manager, France and Africa, Riedel Communications. “Bolero has proven to be a game-changer for wireless communications, especially when paired with the award-winning Artist, our multifunctional SmartPanel user interface, and MediorNet’s industry-leading signal transport and processing capabilities. This high-profile arena installation is just one more example of how unique and agile Riedel solutions really are, not only for sports broadcast but also for events and entertainment.”

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