Understanding the sports needs and leveraging the presentation of the sport. 

Whether you are a team or organizer of a racing competition we help you in becoming successful with our dedicated motorsport solutions, focusing on crystal clear communications and ultra-reliable networks.


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Crystal Clear Communications

In combining a broad range of Radio systems with our Riedel (Wireless) Intercom systems we can deliver you and your team with the Communication setup that makes the difference in winning. Our solutions are all remote-ready, allowing for the seamless integration of remote engineers into your communication circles and can be inter-connected with race-control, broadcast and other teams for larger competitions or series.

Video Replay and Analysis

With our SimplyLive Video Replay and Analysis solutions we can help you as a team in reviewing and optimizing for example your pit stops or enable the race control to collect up to several hundred camera streams for live or post-race replay and analysis, making sporting decisions fair and understandable.

Whether you are watching the Pitwall in F1, take a walk through the paddock in WEC or visit the famous 24h race at the Nürburgring, you will find Riedel equipment for a reason. For more than 3 decades we are at the side of many successful motorsport teams and organizers. We understand the importance of crystal-clear, reliable and low-latency communication as it can make the difference in winning or losing a race. Our Engineering department helps you in customizing your setup to help you find the split seconds lying on and off the track. 

Through the network connections from our colleagues at Riedel Networks we can connect remote engineers sitting at home or in the teams headquarter to the trackside team, allowing all members to communicate as if they were sitting next to each other, thus saving travel costs, and reducing the environmental footprint.

At the famous Nürburgring we have set up a permanent office next to the Paddock, where Teams and industrial customers can come by for a coffee and pick up their equipment. Make sure to say hello if you are around.

Let your guests become a part of the team and allow them to listen into the team’s communication and follow the race on their devices with our Guest-Experience packages comprising of dedicated Intercom devices and the Guest-Experience Streaming & Video on Demand App.

Motorsport Communication

Related Products

ROC-6D Riedel Car Radio

Combining the driver’s radio with the possibility to transmit messages to the car which in turn trigger CAN-messages for example for flagging, our Riedel ROC-6D is used in many race-series. 

MAX Headset

Our famous Riedel MAX-Headsets cannot without reason be seen in nearly any picture when it comes to Motorsports. Excellent passive Noise Reduction paired with extensive customization possibilities make them the number 1 choice for all motorsport teams. 



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