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Wuppertal October 18, 2016

Sofia Express Partnership

Led by Alain Guay, who has spent two decades working to help the country’s broadcasters address their technology requirements, the company will offer Riedel products with a focus on bringing broadcasters, production companies, and infrastructure providers in Cambodia the benefits of the Artist Intercom, the MediorNet real-time media network, and Riedel SmartPanels.

“Riedel is known worldwide for the reliability and versatility of its products,” Guay said. “Working together, we will bring Cambodia’s broadcasters valuable new options for signal routing and communications, in turn enabling them to realize more efficient and cost-effective productions. Everyone wins!”

From its offices in Phnom Penh, Sofia Express offers sales, integration, and support for broadcast solutions, multimedia systems, television graphics systems, contribution and distribution solutions, and storage and archiving systems. The company will represent Riedel’s complete product portfolio.

“Sofia Express has a long history and excellent reputation for supplying the right technologies for its customers’ needs,” said Cameron O’Neill, Director, Asia-Pacific, at Riedel Communications. “Given the company’s technical expertise and its connection to local markets, we are confident that MediorNet and other Riedel products will quickly become a critical part of many broadcast operations in Cambodia.”

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