Revolutionary AI Driven Super Slow-Motion for Live Production, Post, and Archive

e-Slomo is a revolutionary software application that uses artificial intelligence to create super slow-motion sequences from standard camera footage. It's the perfect tool to create emotive promos, openers and closers, or to give new life to your archived content – all at a fraction of the cost of dedicated high frame rate cameras.

e-Slomo software can be used both online and offline and can be installed on premise or in the cloud, making its deployment very flexible. The creation of e-Slomo clips is extremely fast, requiring only a couple of seconds of buffering time. Simply cue the start of your replay, send it to e-Slomo, and in moments your super slow-motion sequence will be ready for broadcast.

e-Slomo is fully compatible with our complete range of ViBox Replay and All-In-One Production solutions, and integrates seamlessly into any replay, studio, or post-production workflow. When combined with our UI Gateway, its user adjustable bandwidth of as little as 5 Mbps allows producers to create super slow-motion content from any remote location – even from home.


Features / Benefits

  • Users can create super slow-motion clips in various formats, including 720p, 1080i, 1080p - and play them instantly for live production
  • Leveraging the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs, the e-Slomo application allows you to create super slow-motion sequences faster than play time when deployed on multi-GPU platforms
  • As it is completely software and AI driven, its functionality will continually improve as its sports specific algorithms learn and GPU power increases
  • e-Slomo can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, and can be interfaced with your slomo servers, editing infrastructure, or archive
  • The application can be used in conjunction with ViBox SloMo to provide instant super slow-motion in your live environment

e-Slomo ViBox Example Workflow

In this example ViBox SloMo workflow,  e-Slomo enables faster than playtime processing of super slow-motion replays generated from standard HD-SDI camera feeds.

e-Slomo User Interface

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