Intercom App (1200 Series)

The 1200 Series Intercom App supports multiple workflows. Some comms users prefer a “Talk/Listen” workflow where the user chooses what to listen to from an initially silent panel. Other users prefer a “Talk/Mute” workflow that starts with a panel that broadcasts everything, with the users selecting which signals to turn off. Users can decide which mode they prefer on a per-panel basis. New features that further enhance the panel’s ease of use include Riedel’s new Logical Groups concept. Logical Groups allow users to choose custom colors for the key labels or the LED rings around the keys. Each key label has an 8-character main label, a 16-character sub label, and user-defined icons. Other icons provide information about the state of each key at any point in time. The “open mic”, “muted key”, “incoming beep”, or “port busy” prompts are easy to read and understandable at a glance. Users can get as much or as little information about any given key as needed. 


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