IP Infrastructure & Processing

Starring: VirtU and MuoN products

The powerful interplay of the VirtU frames and MuoN SFPs tackles several challenges any TV production faces. One is dealing with a wide range of signal types, formats, frame rates, timing, color space and resolutions. The other is plainly limited rack space. The VirtU 32 all-IP core infrastructure and processing platform from Riedel provides an extremely dense array of software-defined MuoN SFP IP processors in just 1RU. Designed to address signal processing and SDI to IP conversion for mission-critical and HD up-to UHD IP production environments, the platform allows users to build their key advanced processing power modularly, as their needs grow!



  • Virtualized services at your core infrastructure
  • Software-defined SFP; any process, any time
  • Mission critical platform with very small failure blocks
  • Highest density
  • Solutions video format conversion, audio routing interoperability, clean switching and color adaptation
  • Enables easy remote production
  • Easy control via NMOS, Ember+ and RESTful

Core IP

VirtU 32 applications:



High dynamic range (HDR) elevates image quality to the next level. Viewers of HDR video appreciate improvements in highlights, better contrast, and deeper, more realistic colors or, simply put – a much better and lifelike experience.

In production, your equipment might not be entirely HDR ready, which is why signals need to be up/down or cross converted at many places throughout the system. And even if all your hardware is HDR ready, there’s still a need to produce SDR copies, since most viewers don’t have an HDR TV set just yet.

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As a core element in an IP system, the VirtU provides 8 processing clusters, designed to be equipped each with 4 MuoN software-defined SFPs. The four modules can access any media flows from redundant aggregation links.  

The MuoN SFPs can be used as gateway with SDI I/Os or as pure IP to IP processing devices. They can run at either 10GE or 25GE host rate, determining the transceiver rate at either 40GE or 100GE. 

Encode and Decode (compression)


Signal compression is a key enabler to exchange feeds between remote sites through low bandwidth connectivity. The JPEG-XS encode/decode App can be installed in the MuoN SFP to provide an extremely dense and cost-effective solution. While providing SDI I/Os with encoding or decoding, the processor also allows for re-encapsulation into ST2110. This solution is perfect for IPTV monitoring systems, signal contribution or remote production applications.

Up/Down/Cross Conversion


The Riedel MuoN SFP ST2110 IP Up/Down/Cross Converter Apps enable high quality conversion to and from any HD/3G/UHD content. The product can be used for in-coming feed signal normalization or to provide down converted version of UHD signals to ease monitoring inside the facility. The UDC provides pristine image quality scaling and de-interlacing using multi-tap fine filtering engine.


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