RockWorks is a real-time management system for RockNet and enhances the remote operation of complex widespread networks. Each RockNet device can be monitored and con gured on screen according to the front panel operation.

RockWorks enables labeling of each device and channel within the network. The software provides alarm indications and allows for a network- wide default reset of channel parameters and naming. For a more comfortable setup, RockWorks also features an offline editor.

RockWorks MY Card Preset Dialog

The RockWorks preset dialog provides full access to RockNet MY interface card presets and allows for the individual configuration of emulation mode, channel routing, microphone pre-amp count (RN.301.MI/RN.101.IO) as well as sync master settings.

A total of 15 presets (1...9, A...F) can be configured. Presets are activated by using the rotary switch on the front panel of the RockNet MY cards.

In order to enable maximum flexibility in routing, the number of dropped channels from the network (sent to the mixing console) as well as the number of added quads to the network (dropped from the mixing console) can be individually adjusted to specific needs, e.g. direct connections between monitor and FOH consoles. Even more flexibility is added by being able to determine the number of remote controlled RN.301.MI microphone pre-amps and by providing sync master settings.

The MY emulation mode can be individually set to 16 (MY-16AT) or 8 channel emulation (MY-8AE).


  • Full integration into MediorWorks
  • Full remote control of RockNet
  • Connection to any RockNet device (incl. console interfaces)
  • Multiple PC connectivity
  • Independent Gain
  • Offline editor incl. consistency check
  • Display of all network devices and routings
  • Level meters
  • Ethernet tunneling
  • Master resolve function
  • Network alarm indications
  • Labeling of RockNet devices and channels » Network default reset
  • Status indicators
  • Snapshots
  • Remote channel parameter control » Windows and Mac OS X


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