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Wuppertal September 15, 2017

TV Skyline Outfits Two OB Vans With Bolero

TV Skyline has outfitted its OB7 and OB8 vans with eight Bolero beltpacks and four Bolero antennas each. The Bolero systems are integrated seamlessly with TV Skyline’s Artist digital matrix intercom platform to provide comprehensive, flexible, and high-quality wireless communications for any type of live broadcast or entertainment production.

Launched earlier this year to much industry acclaim, award-winning Bolero is an expandable, full-roaming, DECT-based intercom system in the license-free 1.9-GHz frequency range. Bolero features the Riedel-exclusive Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR), a diversity receiver technology specifically designed to reduce sensitivity to multipath RF reflections, making the system useable in challenging RF environments where other systems can have difficulty.

“With Bolero, we finally have a wireless communications system that we can recommend to our broadcast customers with complete confidence,” said Laurent Schiltz, Chief Technology Officer of TV Skyline. “In recent productions, Bolero has delivered outstanding and highly reliable performance, even from challenging crew positions. And because Bolero is fully integrated with Artist, we can set up wired or wireless communications quickly and in any location, and control it all with the Director software or with the web GUI built into the antennas.”

Bolero is unique in that it operates over a standards-based AES67 IP network. Signals from the Bolero backpacks are transmitted by decentralized antennas connected to AES67 switches. The switches then connect to the trucks’ Artist frames equipped with AES67 client cards, providing a fully integrated point-to-point intercom ecosystem with seamless roaming capabilities.

TV Skyline’s OB7 is the company’s flagship HD production vehicle, with up to 22 cameras and 32 working positions. OB8 is TV Skyline’s dedicated ultra-high-definition (UHD) production van, equipped with 30 UHD cameras.

“In only a few short months, Bolero has taken the live production industry by storm,” said Olivier Görts, Broadcast Sales Manager, Riedel Communications. “TV Skyline is one of Europe’s most innovative production service providers, and its fleet of HD OB vans is well-known for offering the most advanced and highest-quality broadcast technologies. Germany’s first Bolero installation is a true milestone — and one more indication of how quickly the system is being embraced by the industry’s biggest names in live production.”

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