Access, set-up and control of any aspect of an Artist system consisting of hundreds of intercom ports on multiple nodes is achieved using the comfortable and intuitive Director configuration software.

Director provides the facilities, look and feel of most Windows software products, so that the basic navigation, location, and operation of the standard features are familiar. It’s quick to learn and extremely convenient to use. Configurations are easily edited by drag-and-drop.

Programmable logic functions provide the possibility to handle even complex production requirements with ease, while freely definable markers allow a customized control of the system.

The Audio Patch function allows the configuration and storage of all routing and DSP settings of each individual microphone unit of an Artist system.

A variety of implemented monitoring and diagnostic features lets maintenance personnel quickly solve a problem or to assist a user. This is achieved by the real-time Crosspoint View function in conjunction with the full remote control of each aspect of the system.

An extensive user level control allows for setting up user groups with dedicated access rights to the system.


Events / Scheduler

  • Trigger pre-defined events (including MCR conferences)
  • Trigger configuration changes automatically

Master Control Room

  • Convenient editing of conferences, replaces "conference systems" or "four-wire conference systems”
  • Parallel to the operation via PC, the operation can also be done via one or more Panels
  • Control can be done manual or time-controlled (scheduler)

Partial Files

  • Allows to save parts of the configuration and reloaded as “partial files”
  • Easy and quick setup for different types of productions


  • Provides a universal XML interface
  • Allows control of the Riedel Artist intercom system via third-party router control systems (e.g. DataMiner by Skyline , ...)

Trunk Navigator

  • Enables easy networking of multiple Artist systems at geographically separated locations
  • Allows individual systems (nodes) to be connected via a WAN link to a central trunk master
  • Dynamically assigns analog or digital audio connections between multiple systems (routable over ATM, ISDN, VolP, digital lines or telephone lines)
  • Is redundant, i.e. it can run on two computers simultaneously (interference-free switching)
  • Allows networking of up to 50 Artist systems


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