Riedel Academy

The Riedel Academy provides trainings and seminars on Riedel solutions and technologies. Below you'll find the upcoming dates.

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Public Technical Trainings 2017

Open technical seminars address to user that want to build up and expand their knowledge for a certain product range.

The product and its usage will be explained during the training. Practical exercises require a personal laptop that the trainee should provide. Target of the course is to fully understand the product at user level. The open seminars take place with a minimum of 3 persons and are limited to 8 persons. It will be communicated two weeks in advance if a training takes place.


Upcoming Public Technical Trainings: 


MediorNet Training 1.5 Days

  • May 15th and 16th - Wuppertal (English), Training number #2017-MN-301
  • October 17th and 18th - Wuppertal (English), Training number #2017-MN-201


Artist Intercom Operational Training (Basic)

  • May 17th - Wuppertal (English), Training number #2017-IC-301
  • October 19th - Wuppertal (English), Training number # 2016-IC-201


Artist Intercom Operational Training (Advanced)

  • May 18th - Wuppertal (English), Training number #2017-IC-302
  • October 20th - Wuppertal (English), Training number # 2017-IC-202



For reservation please use the following form: Training Reservation Form.pdf

We are also offering especially tailored trainings at your facility or in one of our Riedel offices.

Please contact via email us for an individual offer.