Rental Partner North America

In North America, Riedel does not provide direct rentals. For a list of companies who offer Riedel products, with or without an engineer, please click here:



Alford takes a holistic approach to live events, with audio, visual and lighting elements occupying major roles and our project managers sitting at the center. With at least a decade of experience at the disposal of every single project manager - supplemented by regular training and education - every part of the process of staging a live event benefits from their presence. From work before the show, like site surveys and technical design, to managing crew onsite and ensuring shows are successfully executed, our project managers are ready for the task.

HQ - Texas, USA

CP Communications


CP Communications has been providing solutions for audio and video communications for over 30 years.  Since CP opened in 1985 we have been supplying leading edge technology rentals and custom engineering solutions while providing top quality of service.  CP has the most comprehensive up-to-date digital equipment rental inventory in the industry. Our equipment and services include; Aerial video, Custom engineering design/build, Custom fiber optic networks, HD wireless camera systems, HD RF mobile productions, Frequency coordination, Mobile or fixed microwave systems, Wired and Wireless audio, video and communications.

HQ - New York / Orlando, USA



In CREA we know, we can and we want. We have the capacity to undertake even the most complex projects with cutting-edge work teams both at technical and professional level. CREA is composed of large multidisciplinary teams that provide all their expertise to serve our projects. Talent committed with different specialty areas that work hand in hand to offer creative and timely solutions. We really like being tested by our customers. Each year, in CREA, innovative projects which challenge the industry´s status quo are carried out, making use of ad-hoc methodologies, flexibility in work teams and pioneer concepts.

HQ: Mexico City, Mexico

Phone: (0052) 11050300

East Shore Sound

East Shore Sound

HQ: Washington DC, USA

Phone: (410)692-7650



Firehouse Productions designs, installs and operates sound reinforcement systems for Tours, Broadcast and Corporate Events. Our Wireless and Communication division builds on-site communication networks for productions of any size.

Well-known touring monitor engineer, Bryan Olson, founded Firehouse Productions in 1994. Olson established his career working with some of the biggest names of the ’90’s, including Peter Gabriel, The Cure and Tears for Fears. He named Firehouse Productions for its original location in an actual firehouse in Brooklyn, New York.

HQ - New York / Las Vegas, USA

Mass AV


We help our clients tell their stories through live events and digital media in relevant ways, connected directly to their culture and the culture of their audience. It always starts with an idea, then moves through innovative and flawlessly executed production, and finishes in the hearts and minds of your audience.

With more than 50 people on staff, there’s no shortage of technical skill and capabilities at massAV, and there’s an abundance of creativity ready to burst forth on your behalf. These are people who have a direct stake in the ultimate success of your event and our business.

HQ: Boston, MA (USA)

Solotech, Canada


Our professional tour teams are dedicated to producing an outstanding experience every time. Our experts help plan and execute each event with the highest degree of efficiency while creating the unique wow factor that every client desires. This renowned service makes our tour teams one of the most sought after production groups in the world. Contact us and discover a world of possibilities and unparalleled expertise!

HQ - Montreal, Canada


TV Coms

HQ: Burbank, USA

Phone: (818) 861-7145



We’re the world’s go-to company for bringing experiences to life. Clients in TV, cinema, live music, sports and the corporate world rely on us for the greatest depth and breadth of rental equipment in the industry as well as unmatched expertise in Audio, Video, Lighting, LED, Camera, Rigging, Media Servers, Fiber and more.

HQ - Los Angeles, USA



Slide projectors? U-matic? Sixteen-track analog? We’ve been around long enough that some of this stuff is becoming fashionable again! Joking aside, we have a 35-year history of consistent ownership and management making us one of the most senior av and event staging companies. However, our age informs our perspective but does not dictate our methods and approach. Markets change, event technology changes and adaptability and evolution are key elements of our philosophy.

HQ - New York, USA