MicroN Processing App

The MediorNet Processing App adds de-centralized and powerful processing capabilities to every MediorNet infrastructure. Built on the 80G media distribution hardware, Riedel’s new app is a virtual resource for signal processing and is designed to work within MediorNet networks, enabling on-board signal-processing including frame synchronization, embedding/ de-embedding, and delays. Each input signal can be routed to this virtual resource to be processed and played out at any output within the system.

The MediorNet Processing App delivers the benefits of a decentralized signal network by enabling processing hardware to be placed anywhere it‘s needed, leveraging the network for sources and removing the extra layer of gear and complexity.

MicroN Processing App

  • Decentralized processing capabilities for MediorNet infrastructures
  • Embedding / De-Embedding
  • Frame-Sync und Delays
  • Up-down-cross-conversion


22 MB | 13. Dec. 2018 |

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