RiLink WAN by Riedel Networks

Riedel’s RiLink is the new way to connect broadcast live signals from remote event locations to the studio or to connect foreign studios with their home facility.

Based on Riedel’s own global backbone, the RiLink Global Fiber Service transports more than just the HD/SD-SDI video signals that would be furnished by satellite links in a conventional production. It also provides additional features such as voice communication and internet access which significantly reduce complexity, costs for planning and operating costs of remote event productions.



The RiLink links are always bi-directional, providing further flexibility and the ability for return video feeds, digital archive access and full-duplex communication.



RiLink’s latency is significantly shorter than any satellite link.


Flat rate

RiLink is charged at a flat rate for the complete duration of an event. This allows for precision budget planning and more live pre and post-event features or news reports at no extra costs.



RiLink’s high bandwidth allows for better video quality than satellite links.

Everywhere RiLink is available everywhere on the planet, no matter if the production is in Beijing, downtown Manhattan or in the middle of Monument Valley.



RiLink is the ideal solution for both temporary and permanent installations.


Added value

RiLink provides more than just global video contribution: RiLink transports several video signals at once (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint) and also includes integrated connectivity for multi-channel full-duplex voice communication (Intercom, VoIP telephony), multi-channel audio and secure transport of IP- data (VPN, Internet). Since RiLink’s guaranteed bandwidth can be allocated dynamically, non-broadcast time could be used for other applications, for example high-bandwidth file transfers.



The RiLink global fiber service is completely una ected by weather conditions that might impact SNG applications. Furthermore, RiLink includes multi-level redundancy within the complete signal transport chain, providing maximum reliability and quality of service (QoS).


Full Service

Riedel’s RiLink is a full service end-to-end solution: You choose the locations and signals you’d like to transport and Riedel provides you a plug-&-play RiLink solution. In addition, Riedel can also provide optional services like on-site fiber signal transport, venue cabling and on-site wireless transport of video & audio signals.


How does RiLink work?

Riedel’s global fiber service is based on a dedicated, global MPLS backbone, owned and operated by Riedel Networks GmbH & Co. KG. The network has a meshed structure and provides the foundation for global Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based connectivity, providing maximum reliability and minimum latency. Unlike solutions realized using the Internet, the Riedel global fiber service provides a secure and fully transparent end-to-end solution with dedicated connections.

QoS mechanisms throughout the entire backbone meet maximum requirements with regards to transmission quality (latency, bit error rate, jitter), reliability (guaranteed bandwidth, redundancy), security, availability and delivery time.


Moving event locations

• RTL@F1, transmission of live HD 1080i signal on H.264 from every race track to Cologne broadcast station with embedded audio channels plus data service, including o - peak usage in case of no video signal transmission

• ORF@F1, transmission of live HD 1080i signal on H.264 from all European and selected oversea race tracks to Vienna broadcast station with embedded audio channels plus data service, including o -peak usage in case of no video signal transmission

• BP Satellite@F1, transmission of 2x live SD 720p signals for MTV3 and Viasat from every race track to Wijchen plus Internet Access

• NOS@Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi, transmission of 2x live HD 1080i signals on H.264 from Sochi MCR to Hilversum broadcast station with 16x audio channels embedded plus 400M data service for file transfers

• ESPN@X-Games Tignes 2013, transmission of three primary live feeds (world feeds, english, non-english and non-sponsor) and two additional camera feeds for the on-site studio show from Tignes (in the Alps) in France to ESPN IBC in Bristol plus data service in parallel


Long term contracts

• ARD@Cairo, connecting their Egyptian foreign o ce of ARD to its Stuttgart broadcast station via MPLS for live HD 1080i signal transmission and for file transfer during o -peak usage

• RTL@NewYork, connecting their US foreign o ce of RTL group to Cologne broadcast station via Ethernet for live HD 1080i signal transmission and for file transfer during off-peak usage

• RussiaToday@Berlin, connecting their German foreign office of Russia Today to Moscow broadcast station via MPLS for live HD 1080i signal transmission and for  le transfer during o -peak usage


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