A key element of success in modern event production is the ability to comprehensively align all processes and services to provide guests with seamless and pleasurable experience. We offer high levels of expertise in security and digitization ranging from CCTV over accreditation and drone detection to cashless payment solutions. Do you want to take the management of your guests and staff to the next level of security and efficiency? With us you can’t go wrong! We set new standards for visitor and event security with customized digital solutions for guest management, accreditation and access control – all from a single source.

Video surveillance systems are key to providing enhanced situational awareness and increased public safety. We specialize in providing complete CCTV solutions for all kinds of temporary installations including consulting, planning, set-up and operation of state-of-the-art infrastructure and terminal equipment.

With Riedel solutions, nothing is left to chance: Our weather monitoring systems identify meteorological threats well in advance, and our EWIS emergency evacuation system helps defuse potentially dangerous situations. 

On top of that, our hardware and software-based participant management and engagement tools enable you to easily monitor and control visitor flows and analyze visitor composition and dwelling time. This way, you can provide a pleasurable experience for your guests and ensure their safety at all times.