The warranty period for goods in mint condition is two years starting the day of delivery, for wear parts (e.g. with battery components) one year.
RIEDEL will, at RIEDEL's sole discretion, remedy the defects or deliver a conforming good in case of material defects.
For more details, please see our general Terms and Conditions for Sale, Delivery and Lease. 


RIEDEL Products After-sales Service in Chinese Market

Extended Warranty

Most Riedel products come with a 24-month standard manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period starts from the moment the material leaves Riedel and covers all related repairs, ranging from manufacturing errors to defects in materials. The standard manufacturer’s warranty does not cover misuse or external factors like overvoltage, liquid damages and mechanical damages.

An additional Extended Warranty - which covers your device(s) for an extra one, two or three years -can be bought at the time of initial purchase. The extended warranty gives you security for a total of three, four or five years after delivery of the device(s).


Some Riedel products are excluded from extended warranty:

  • Batteries
  • Pouches, foams
  • Flight-cases and case inlays
  • Headsets and earpieces
  • Cables
  • Service and Repair workmanship
  • Software and Apps
  • Third party products (e.g. ethernet switches, radios)
  • Products sold from B-Stock
  • Products sold from Riedel Managed Technologies stock


Warranties and extended warranties are available per device and pertain to that individual device (specified through its serial number).

If a device is exchanged within the warranty period, the new device inherits the remaining warranty period of the broken device.