Video Router AMP Visual TV

Whether for the biggest global events, television studios, or sporting events, TV coverage specialist AMP VISUAL TV has one of the most extensive European fleets of outside broadcast (OB) vans for video productions — and one that reflects the company’s understanding of the demanding on-air culture, as well as its sense of adaptability and constant desire to innovate. In this pursuit of innovation, AMP VISUAL TV has built its groundbreaking Millenium Signature 12 (MS12) HD/4K-capable OB van with up to 40 cameras on our MediorNet real-time media network of unprecedented scale.

Video Router MediorNet Infrastructure

AMP VISUAL TV’s sophisticated approach completely relies on a robust MediorNet infrastructure — one of our biggest so far — that offers essential benefits by replacing the traditional router; providing video, audio, data, and intercom transport; and delivering routing and processing capabilities. Deployed in a fully redundant configuration built on a 10 Gb/s fiber network, 68 MicroN high-density signal interfaces, eight MetroN core routers, three MediorNet Compact Pros, and two MediorNet Modular frames combine to serve as a decentralized matrix that transforms the MS12 into an unique OB van concept with router elements.

» The MediorNet MicroN gives us much greater freedom in building sophisticated media infrastructures, from signal transport to full video router functionality and signal processing. «

François Valadoux, Chief Technology Officer at AMP VISUAL TV

Video Router MicroN @ AMP Visual

Part of our MediorNet line of real-time media transport and management solutions, the MicroN devices give AMP VISUAL TV a high degree of flexibility in addressing the current and future demands of video production. With on-board signal-processing capabilities including frame synchronization, embedding/de-embedding, and delays, the MicroN-based solution handles SDI signals in a tremendously versatile and highly scalable routing solution, making it perfect for system architectures of any size.

Video Router Modular Design

Because this modular approach introduces distributed system intelligence, with MicroN systems strategically located close to signal sources and destinations, AMP VISUAL TV can easily tailor signal routing to the demands of any production, whatever its size. In fact, along with the modular design and mobile partition system built into MS12, this flexibility in routing allows the truck to become a two-in-one OB truck capable of conducting side-by-side operations with two production areas, two audio mixers, two vision rooms, and up to 42 modular workspaces.

Video Router DB Video OB Van

Looking to design and build an OB van that would support an entirely new mobile broadcasting experience for productions of all sizes, Belgium’s DB Video called on us and our MediorNet real-time media network. Working with us and coach builder Moeyersons, DB Video used MediorNet systems to create a relatively small yet robust expandable truck — dubbed Unit 10 — that boasts future-proof broadcast technology and a unique cloud model for signal routing.

» While standing at the intersection of ‘classic’ OB-van building and the introduction of IP-based broadcasting, we had to make critical and challenging decisions about how to invest in and deploy new technology. We thought about the future of the mobile TV facility and determined that Riedel’s expertise and equipment could help us make this vision a reality. «

Dimitri Beyaert, CEO and founder of DB Video

Video Router MicroN & MetroN @ DB Video

Deployed in a fully redundant configuration built on a 10 Gbit/s fiber network, 18 MicroN 80G media distribution network devices, two MetroN core routers, and four MediorNet external stageboxes combine to serve as a decentralized matrix that transform the OB van into a cloud truck, with router elements situated in the ideal physical location for any given production or workflow. DB Video expanded the matrix through the interconnection of a router and our Artist digital matrix intercom system.