Pan Am Games Reliable Communications

The Pan American and Parapan Am Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport games. Technology from Riedel played a starting role at this major sports event, supporting assistive hearing services, wired and wireless communications, and signal transport at nearly every venue and at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Pan Am Games Assistive Hearing

A primary goal of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games was to ensure that all spectators have access to the same experience. To that end, assistive hearing and audio descriptive services of the performances and announcer broadcasts were available in English, French, and Spanish through FM-transmitted devices supplied by Riedel. More than 500 audio description units and 1,700 assistive hearing units were put into use.

» Putting on a global sporting event is never easy. But the power and simplicity of integrated solutions from Riedel have been proven again and again for events ranging from local games to the Pan Am Games «

Marc Schneider, sales director global events at Riedel

Pan Am Games Riedel Equipment

More than 5 shipping containers were needed to transport 42 Artist systems with 50 panels, 110 commentator boxes, and 220 beltpacks and headsets. Then there were 37 RiFace interfaces and 400 analogue radios to go with those. Of course, they were all directly integrated into the Artist’s. There was a 40 channel FM audio system with more than 4,000 receivers distributed over all of the venues. For the Organizing Committee, transportation services, and the ceremonies, there were 5,000 TETRA digital radios, 1,200 extra batteries, 3,000 earpieces, and nine base stations. Finally, there were 600 radios for wide-area use. That’s not to mention the numerous antennas, repeaters, cables of several types, tools, and duct tape.

Pan Am Games Riedel Staff

Besides broadcast, security, and access control, Riedel’s radio systems were also used during pauses and programming breaks at the venues, supporting audience interaction like kiss-cams. Medal ceremonies were supported, too. All of this was taken care of by Riedel’s team of 40 on-site managers and technicians.

Pan Am Games ODEPA Pool

The ODEPA Pool broadcast relied upon Riedel Communications to transport baseband HD signals in real time to support all production signals for rhythmic gymnastics, handball, marathon, and many more. The Riedel deployment also supported Cuban broadcaster ICRT’s coverage of baseball and Argentina’s TyC in its production of BMX cycling, rugby, and field hockey. MediorNet’s flexibility offered peace of mind when re-routing and adding more signals without the need to increase the installed infrastructure. This also reduced costs and, with the integrated MediorNet’s processing power, helped to reduce the overall amount of gear and infrastructure.