Bildquadrat Innovative OB Van

Technologies from Riedel Communications are providing the communications and signal-transport backbone for an innovative new OB van recently launched by German video production house Bildquadrat Videoproductions.

Bildquadrat Modular Design

Outfitted with Riedel’s MediorNet MicroN 80G media-distribution interface, Tango TNG-200 expandable communications platform, and RSP-2318 Smartpanel, Bildquadrat’s new van features a compact and completely modular design that can be adapted easily for mobile productions of all types and sizes.

» Our customers have the best of both worlds. They get the flexibility and cost savings of a modular approach, combined with the powerful, scalable, and integrated signal-processing and intercom capabilities of MicroN, Tango, and Smartpanel. «

Moritz Wermeister, co-founder, Bildquadrat Videoproductions

Bildquadrat Mobile OB Facility

The new Bildquadrat Videoproductions OB facility consists of a 3.5-ton trailer pulled by a Sprinter van. The trailer offers a completely file-based workflow for recording and playout, with space for two slo-mo servers, a separate sound booth, and a video-mixing desk with 20 inputs and two levels. The trailer’s small footprint enables it to be deployed in locations that cannot be accessed by a full-sized OB truck.

Bildquadrat Riedel Solutions

Within the new Bildquadrat OB van, Riedel’s MedioNet MicroN offers a compact and multifunctional signal interface that drives an 80G media network in only a single RU. The Tango TNG-200 expandable communication platform is based on the RAVENNA/AES67 and AVB standards, which greatly simplify the trailer’s wiring. Riedel’s RSP-2318 Smartpanel offers an intelligent intercom control surface that also leverages the RAVENNA/AES67 and AVB standards to provide an expandable yet simplified intercom interface.