Raiffeisen Bank A Massive Corporate Event

Raiffeisen Bank brought 10,000 of its employees and board members to the Messe Basel exhibition site in late September for one of Switzerland’s largest corporate events of 2015. As the culmination of a landmark process for developing new corporate strategy and values, the Raiffeisen DialoguePlus event at Messe Basel was designed to communicate the results of this process to Raiffeisen employees.

Raiffeisen Bank The Venue

A total of 28 different zones, carpeted meeting areas accommodating up to 400 people, were established across 32,000 square meters within the Messe Basel space to facilitate effective communication of Raiffeisen messaging. A temporary WLAN was configured to allow all employees to use the video streaming function at once, and a full-scale television and newsroom was set up for live TV, editorial contributions and discussions.Raiffeisen also took advantage of the expansive 100,000-square-meter exhibition space to create a “lip dub” — a combination of lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video — of unprecedented scale. Orchestrated to showcase the passion and energy of Raiffeisen employees, the production included all 10,000 event participants in a complex live production.

Raiffeisen Bank Riedel’s equipment

Equipment and infrastructure, including 5,000 meters of fiber cabling, from Riedel Communications supported efficient, reliable, and flexible signal transport and communications throughout this massive undertaking. At the foundation of this deployment were the Riedel Communications MediorNet real-time media network and RockNet low-latency, real-time audio network. The MediorNet network provided the managed central fiber optic backbone necessary for secure, reliable, and flexible signal routing. In addition, the project included a central service contract to provide event control and coordination from the operations center. The safety-relevant main task for RIEDEL was to monitor all communication channels.

Raiffeisen Bank MediorNet and Artist

Eighteen MediorNet frames and two MetroN core router systems supported transport of audio, video, and data signals, as well as a hybrid wired/wireless communications network established via the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system and the company’s Juggler system. A compact TETRA digital trunked radio network solution, the Juggler system enabled seamless integration of 250 Motorola radios with the Artist system, which comprised one Artist128 frame and three Artist64 frames, complemented by 50 remote control panels. A wireless intercom system was paired with the Artist system to support newsroom operations.

Raiffeisen Bank TETRA Communication

Configured in 24 TETRA talk groups, the Motorola radios from Riedel Communications supported event control and security, including handling of the two telephone hotlines, ensuring the integrity of network connections, and managing other inquiries or issues. Addressing Raiffeisen’s requirements for extensive distribution of video, the MediorNet network enabled the routing of 29 3G video signals from Dataton WatchOut media servers in different zones and the routing of nine HD video signals from various locations in the DialogPlus newsroom. To enable flexible audio routing, 56 signals from a Studer Vista audio console were fed into the MediorNet network via A-Link (a Studer protocol), processed by the Artist128 frame, and then re-routed via MediorNet to various zones, where RockNet systems served as breakout boxes.

» The vision of a unified system for distributing video, audio, and control signals became reality for DialogPlus due to MediorNet. The flexibility, security, and quality completely convinced everyone on site. I am sure the future of event technology looks like this. «

Tobias Waldmeier, creative director at Bildflug GmbH

Raiffeisen Bank MediorNet

Riedel’s MediorNet system also supported Ethernet-based signal transport for the production network, including lighting console commands via ArtNET, digital audio via Dante, and signals from the production server. Professional event company Stagelight configured this managed Ethernet network to ensure it met all of Raiffeisen’s production requirements. By putting an Ethernet switch with four VLAN ports at each MediorNet frame, the company ensured that all media signals could be routed redundantly via MediorNet.