Hytera Portable Radios

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH is a German supplier of solutions and products in the field of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR).

As a known specialist for mobile radio technology, Hytera has been pioneers of professional digital mobile radio systems for more than 30 years and are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of TETRA infrastructure components. 

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Hytera Portable Radios


The PD405 DMR handheld radio gives you conventional DMR radio at a starter price. It is particularly enduring and achieves with the rechargeable battery supplied operation times of up to remarkable 16 hours in digital mode. Moreover it supports mixed-channel operation, so is able to detect analog and digital signals on a single channel, and to change automatically to the relevant operating mode.


The PD605 impresses with its lightweight design, range of functions and excellent value for money. Its compact metal housing, outstanding voice quality and support for both digital and analog radio will bring a breath of fresh air to your radio communication. The PD605 handheld radios are designed in accordance with the DMR standard and meet all the open standard's requirements.


The PD665 from Hytera brings a breath of fresh air into your radio communication. With its lightweight metal case and the support of digital and analog mobile radio, the PD665 handheld radio is the ideal companion for migrating to digital mobile radio. In addition to the PD605, the PD665 has a bright LCD display and six programmable keys.