STX-200 for Skype TX

Riedel puts the world on the air over Skype. Riedel’s STX-200 broadcast-grade professional Skype interface brings any Skype user worldwide into professional broadcast workflows. The reliable, 1 RU, single-box solution allows broadcasters to engage with both reporters and viewers in live programming.

The Skype TX Control software provides customers with the ability to manage multiple Skype TX channels from a single user interface. Other parameters that the software manages include stream resolution, aspect ratios, FPS, logo overlays, and various audio options. Riedel’s STX-200 also offers unique device monitoring functions, such as temperature measurement and system status, that can be monitored by means of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Licensed by Microsoft, the STX-200 offers broadcast-quality HD- SDI and balanced XLR audio I/Os. Previously, users relied on consumer PCs running common Skype clients that then needed to be integrated with scan and HDMI-to-SDI converters to produce content suitable for air. Further, audio dropouts and menu pop- ups on the live feed are avoided with this dedicated solution. Broadcast-grade audio interfaces include a two-channel balanced analog audio XLR input and output, as well as SDI embedded audio. Other features include a Gigabit Ethernet connection, a user-interface connection via DisplayPort, USB ports for accessories, and GPI/Os.

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  • run two independent Skype channels in one device
  • 19” low depth, 1RU dimension
  • (HD-) SDI Full Duplex In-/Output
  • Balanced and Embedded Audio In-/Output
  • AES67
  • GPI In-/Output
  • Genlock Input
  • Skype TX Control Software, to manage all STX-200 units within user’s network

Skype TX

STX-200 (Rev. 2)

  • Professional video interfaces
    • 2 x SDI Input (SD/HD)
    • 2 x SDI Output (SD/HD)
    • 1 x Sync Input
  • Studio grade audio interfaces
    • 2ch Analogue Audio XLR Input (balanced line level )
    • 2ch Analogue Audio XLR Output (balanced line level )
    • SDI embedded audio
  • AES67 Input / Output via RJ45
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connection
  • User Interface connection via Display Port Out
  • USB Ports for various accessories
  • GPIs
  • Enhanced SNMP monitoring
  • Robust housing for broadcast usage

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