RockNet Performance Audio Networks

RockNet is a real-time, low latency audio distribution network tailored to tour and installed sound applications. RockNet provides a universal solution to almost any imaginable audio distribution challenge and behaves very much like a traditional analog split system.

It conveys up to 160 24 bit/48 kHz audio channels counter-rotating on a single CAT5 cable. RockNet products are designed for heavy-duty road use. Their ruggedized steel enclosures resemble the look and feel of a modular stage box. All devices feature locking IEC connectors for the redundant power supplies. All other connectors are entirely gold-plated and the circuit design is streamlined for ultra low noise and minimum distortion to meet the highest demands in audio quality.

RockNet is a genuine audio network platform designed purposely for live sound applications. It is a cost-effective, integrated networking product invented, designed, and optimized for audio contribution and distribution. RockNet provides ultra low latency and very high audio quality. It is an integrated system that does not require any third party products. Only two types of cables are necessary to hook up a network: microphone cable with XLR (male/female) and CAT5 with RJ45 (Ethercon®). RockNet devices do not require breakout panels or any special cables and connectors. Up to 99 devices can be easily added to the network. All devices can be configured intuitively by front panel push buttons. No particular IT or computer networking know-how is needed to set up and operate RockNet. Even a system check can be performed within a few seconds at each device even without using a computer.

RockNet incorporates a streamlined redundancy concept on the device and network levels. The network interface of each device features two interconnections for fail-safe transmission of audio signals on CAT5 infrastructure. Based on a redundant ring topology, RockNet forms a self-healing network with no loss of audio in case of a connection fault between two devices. All devices feature dual power supplies with locking IEC connectors.


  • 160 channels (RockNet 300)
  • Up to 99 devices in one network
  • CAT-5 redundant network interface
  • Independent Gain
  • Front panel operation
  • Redundant power supplies (RockNet 300 only)
  • 48 kHz or 96 kHz sample rate (96 kHz RockNet 300 only)
  • Status indicators (LEDs)

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