Riedel's intuitive configuration software MediorWorks enables real-time control and monitoring of MediorNet networks.

MediorWorks auto senses the configuration and status of the system it is connected to. Five windows give easy access to any aspect of the MediorNet installation. All windows are visible at the same time. Alternatively, they can easily be accessed via one mouse click on the “Views” window, which is floating above all other windows. The “Device Browser” shows all available nodes, the cards installed in the node and each connector of the specific media card. If a connector is selected, the “Connections” window shows the active connections and how the signal is routed to the destination(s). A “Matrix View” allows for a quick overview of all connections including matrix-style programming. Looking into the “Parameters” window of a link card gives access to the fiber usage of a specific fiber link. In the “Parameters” view of a media card you can see and adjust the signal format, force the input or output to a certain format and configure the processing and conversion features available within MediorNet. Detailed “Logging” and “Alarm” views complete the software’s feature set. Detailed user rights management and user specific view modes allow for easy and secure operation.


  • Auto-sensing – no need for manual configuration
  • Real-time monitoring and control of the complete network
  • Intuitive, clearly-managed windows with quick access to any information via list filters
  • Multi-user support
  • User-friendly installer for Windows & Mac OS X

Download MediorWorks at MyRiedel


29 MB | 10. Sep. 2019 |

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